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Žiga Vavpotič
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Many people say that it is better to give a gift to few people, and to give them something genuine. Something they will remember for life. Especially now that the holidays are approaching and you wish your loved ones health and happiness in life!

You will become an author, writer and designer of My very own book!

It will encourage you to do your own recipe for life, and to write your own book of life. Yes, you read it right! You will not be a passive reader comparing to other books.

Your book will be unique, and as such it will be your friend through making your own plan for life. The book will encourage you to start setting targets, developing positive personal characteristics, to educate and to develop skills that will help you solve your problems and fulfilling your dreams.




ZŽiga Vavpotič, avtor


20 fingers, 26 teeth, 7 cervical vertebrae.

A dreamer, a visionary, an entrepreneur, a student.

I think, love, listen, laugh, cry, yawn, read, plan, help, appreciate, respect, praise, forgive, support, enjoy.

Above all, I like to praise, to recommend, to connect. To cooperate. To think. We don’t do enough of that.


An idea, a vision, a mission, a goal!

My vision is that everyone would leave a trace by his/her life for a better world, for happiness and understanding among people. This is so simple. To praise someone, to smile at someone, to tell someone that she/he matters a lot to you.

My mission is to encourage people to leave a trace by their lives. Big or small, shallow or deep, in sand or on paper, by a look, a smile or an action.

I believe that we, each and averyone of us, can make a better world.

To live honestly and contribute to the others' lives.

Live and leave a trace.

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