Spontaneous Movements

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Igor Čurič
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Spontaneous Movements

Life is Evolution of Breathing


The benefits of Spontaneous Movements

greater physical flexibility

better concentration at study or work

stress reduction, improved sleep

relief of pain of all types

enhanced fertility

strengthened immunity

restoration of hormonal balance

increased youth and vigor …


Spontaneous Movements as discipline offer the answer to the question: How to reduce the speed of life? How to deeply relax, calm down, and feel the rhythm? How to slow down one's own thoughts, heartbeat, food intake, breathing, the touch of another human being … and deepen the presence in the moment, Now – Time Being? How to better embody oneself?


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About autor:

I introduce myself as Igor Čurič, born in Ljubljana in the summer of 1966. I grew up mostly in Ljubljana with exeption of few years which I spent in Warshaw. I like to eat, to philosophise and will stay eternal romantic and idealist.

Since the year 2000 I practise and research different aproaches of working with the body and mind, like Indian Yoga, Chinese Qi gong and Japanese Art of Warfare. My first studies were in computer science in Ljubljana and later Shiatsu and Craniosacral therapy in Kiental (Switzerland), as well as Seiki Soho; a principle of human resonance with Akinobu Kishi.

Last few years I am fully interested in spontaneous movements in human body and how they are restricted. I research the relationship between character and strategy, between out there and in here, between formal and spontaneous and the field of our awareness in correlation with our potential as human beings.

Since 2011 I am introducing the practice called SpontaneousMovements back home and abroad; the possibility of self alignment through the body and mind.

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